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Foxford Shri Transformer
Fly from Scandinavian and Irish Collection
Юрий Шумаков.

Foxford Shri Transformer

  • Tag: Oval silver tinsel
  • Tail: Fibres of golden pheasant breast feather dyed red, over two strands of blue mirror flash
  • Body: Rear half: black floss; front half: red-copper holographic ice dub
  • Middle Hackle: White badger
  • Rib: Oval silver tinsel
  • Under Wing: Two strands of blue mirror flash and small bunch of white tippet squirrel
  • Wing: Naturally brown carcajou
  • Front Hackle: Orange cock
  • Cheeks: Jungle cock
  • Head: Red

NOTES: This is an example how different styles can be diverted into tube fly. I can’t call such fly as a "Shrimp", because it is actually not one. This is a pure transformer.

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Kola Salmon ® 2016

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