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DD Akroyd
Fly from Kola Collection
Юрий Шумаков.

DD Akroyd

  • Tube: Eppendorf plastic lab tippet, 1.5 inch
  • Tag: French oval silver tinsel
  • Butt: Black ostrich
  • Tail: Artificial hair dyed in bright yellow
  • Body: Rear half: double dubbed Serebrjanka underfur and fine red SLF dubbing; Front half: black floss
  • Rib: French oval silver tinsel
  • Spey Hackle: Small bunch of black bucktail over the body between body sections and at front
  • Wing: Whole teal flank feather
  • Front Hackle: Teal flank feather
  • Head: Black

NOTES: Modern pattern. This is one of my favourites for such rivers of Southern coast of Kola peninsula as Varzuga, Strel’na, Chapoma and Chavon’ga.

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Kola Salmon ® 2016

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