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Hot Shrimp LR
A Yuri Shumakov Fly From His Low Water Collection

Hot Shrimp LR, A Yuri Shumakov Fly

  Hot Shrimp LR
Tube Long Range, 4 mm in dia, brass, slots painted in glow red
Wing In this order: 2 sections of GP tippet; 2 strips of yellow Midge Crystal hair; bunch of orange badger; bunch of hot orange American opossum
OverWing Split jungle cock feather
Collar Hot orange badger cock
HeadGlow red

YURI'S NOTES: Most of these flies are tied in Shrimp style with the use of short half-inch metal tubes. These patterns were tested by author and a group of experienced anglers who helped me to develop and prove this light style flies under 3 years period in salmon rivers of Iceland, Ireland, Kola and Kamchatka Peninsulas (Russia), Norway and Scotland. I am very thankful to Irish anglers Terrence Dunlop and Peter McIlwaine, Scottish professional fly tier Philip Glendenning, English angler Alec Smith, French angler Jean-Jacques Orzan, Swedish angler Pдr Aleljung, Italian anglers Franco Sirtori, Marco Cipriani and Vittorio Spasciani. Without their help it would be impossible to visit and to test so many flies in so many rivers.

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Kola Salmon ® 2016

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