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Claret Blue Spey
A Yuri Shumakov Fly From His Spey Collection

Claret Blue Spey, A Yuri Shumakov Fly

  Claret Blue Spey
Tag Flat pearl tinsel
Tail Teal
Body SLF dub in claret
Rib Oval gold tinsel
Hackle Spey cock (sub of heron)
Wing 2 strands if blue Mirror flash, bunch of Arctic fox tail hair in black, 2 to 3 strands of blue, black and holo silver angel hair
Roof Section of teal dyed in blue

YURI'S NOTES: I have had great fun experimenting with materials and fly appearances while I worked on these patterns and fished with them. I can't say that they are my major weapon, but I always have a few spey flies with me. I found in the last 3 years that flies with pearl bodies or part of it work extremely well in certain conditions, especially with sunny weather. My interest in tying pearly flies was triggered by a fly presented by Alistair Gowans in one of UK fly fishing magazines a few years ago. I don't tie spey flies just because of the Spey style, but mostly for their effectiveness. Additionally, I always wish to have something unusual in my fly-box. Since I discovered the unique ability of American tyers to create new patterns just using single hooks, I decided to share some of my spey flies with American fisherman and fisherwomen. I hope it can be interesting for those who prefer tying on single irons.

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